Buongiorno Dear reader

Buongiorno Dear reader

Social media has been feeling a little overwhelming lately. For content creators, sometimes it feels like a big and uncertain hole where publishing is sending something to the air and wait for someone to tap tap like. 

Internet is just like a huge room where we can see different doors that lead to different rooms. In each room we will find even more rooms… and so it goes on. It’s up to you, the user, decide which door you’ll open, of course. 

There’s a lot of pressure in uploading content, sharing and creating in the digital world. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook…tap tap like, think think tweet, create create feed. 

But a reader is different from a follower. So I want to talk to you, the reader. Though I don’t really know you, I feel like I can trust you. I believe we can start a conversation with a different depth, rather than our usual exchanges of likes and reactions.

But this time, here…now, I want this channel to be private, softer and closer. Like having a conversation with a friend while drinking a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. 

That’s the reason why I created Letters to a Creative Soul where you will receive letters, inspiration, recipes, tips, podcasts, books recommendations, workout routines & plans, guided meditations and so much more ✨ but in a personal way. 

I want your Wellness Journey to be easy, so in A&me online store, our little Wellness Shop, you’ll be able to find everything in ONE place, without overwhelming yourself with so many content & things while scrolling on your phone.

As I said before, (referring to the content rooms metaphor 😜) I want your Wellness room to be simple and a wonderful Journey to self discovery. Step by step, doing the best you can! Perfection” is “Good’s” worst enemy. 

Be ready for more amazing emails from me☺️ Have a great day and don’t forget to enjoy the process

Here’s a gift for you, an amazing Spotify playlist for your Journaling sessions, where you meet your Creative Soul and start writing whatever comes to your mind while drinking your Matcha latte and smelling your vanilla scented A&me candle💕




Talk to you in a week! Feel hugged🥰



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